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Are Hair Extensions Right For Me on My Wedding Day

Are you considering hair extensions for your wedding day but just not sure if you really need them? I get it, they are an investment, especially when you consider that they need to be 100% remy human hair so that they can be heat styled with the rest of your hair. A good set of remy hair extensions will cost you a minimum of $150. They are sold by weight and depending on your current hair you may get by with the minimum. Let’s talk about the reasons why hair extensions might be right for you on your wedding day.

  • Your hair is too short – extensions can add length to your hair allowing you to have long curled locks.
  • Your hair is too thin – extensions can be the same length of your current hair and provide some needed volume to achieve the look your going for. Generally extensions come in packs of 7 bundles. You can use up to 2 packs, but just make sure your hair is full enough to support them. You can always use a full pack and a partial pack.
  • You don’t want to damage your hair with colored highlights – A pack of extensions in a color that is lighter than your natural hair can give you the highlights you need. If you are choosing a braided or curled style, having highlights will really help your braid or curl have more depth. It will look lovely and I always recommend them.

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Extensions used to add faux highlights