Is there a minimum to book wedding services?
Beginning 2020, I will no longer have a wedding minimum. If you are just a bride looking for wedding day hair or makeup (or both), I can set up a paid in full contract with or without a trial. You will still need a contract to secure your date, but you cannot have a payment plan. All other fees will apply as normal.

Who will do my hair and makeup on my wedding day?
You will have lead hair and makeup artist, Jen Pitt doing your hair and makeup for your wedding. If you have a larger wedding party, one or more of Jennifer’s assistants will accompany her to do hair and makeup to complete the entire party in a reasonable time.

What if there is an emergency and that person we agreed on to do my hair and makeup can’t show up?
While this would be something extremely rare, your wedding day is the most important thing on my schedule. We are all human and emergencies can happen, so in the event of an emergency, I have a large network of experienced hair and makeup artists that I work with on a regular basis, including an expanded network as well in which an artist will be supplied without any additional charge. If all efforts are exhausted without a replacement artist of my choice, you will be reimbursed all money paid into your wedding.

Is my makeup waterproof (tear proof)?
Absolutely. In addition to waterproof mascara, I make sure that your foundation won’t streak or budge because of tears or sweat. I have worked with different types of products, and seen firsthand that not all makeup is created equal. I use a line of airbrush makeup and traditional foundation that were both tested and proven to be waterproof / tear-proof.

Do I need to pay extra for additional artists?
There is a $50 per artist fee associated with booking additional artists.

How many artists will I need for my wedding party?
It really depends on how much time you have to get ready, but a general rule would be about six services per artist. One service is one makeup or one hair.

How much time do I need to plan for my full wedding party?
It really depends on how large your bridal party is. The general rule of thumb is to plan 1.5 – 2 hours for bridal hair and makeup and up to 45 minutes for each attendant service (hair or makeup).

Should I care if the artist carries professional and liability insurance?
Liability insurance is coverage that protects the client from accidents that may occur while the artist is on-site. Liability insurance will protect the client from property damage and professional insurance protects the client and artist from adverse reactions to any products. Rest assured that Jen Pitt Beauty LLC is fully covered with professional and liability insurance.

Will I get a touch up kit?
Touch up kits can be purchased in advance from Jen Pitt Beauty and will include translucent powder, and applicator, plus a few extra products that might just come in handy – just in case!

Will you stay for touch ups after my bridal party is complete?
If you’re interested in on-site touch ups after your beauty services are complete, you may purchase on site touch ups for an additional fee. Please make sure you add this to your contract before your final payment is due. This service may not be available if it isn’t previously negotiated on your contract.

Can I buy my lip color from you?
Currently, I do not resell any makeup products. I recommend you pick your own color for your wedding day. It’s a fun experience to shop for your lip color with your friends/family.

Do you allow me to bring my own makeup?
I carry a full line of shades to custom match your skin tone so that you don’t need to bring your own. However, if you have an allergy or skin sensitivity and you prefer your own product, please discuss this with me before hand. Some ingredients found in every day makeup may not photograph well. I do recommend you bring your own lip color. MAC lip formulas are very nice and you can test them out at your nearby MAC counter.

Do you place the veil for me?
I can place your veil for you upon request. If you prefer to keep your veil off until right before the ceremony, I can assist with showing your bridesmaid, mother, or assistant how to secure the veil.

Do you help with placing the veil?
Yes, and I can show your maid of honor how to place and secure the veil properly.

Do you recommend specific clip in extensions?
There are many different clip in extensions on the market with varying price ranges and styles. You don’t have to spend a fortune on extensions, but you want to make sure you get the right length, and color to complement your style. It’s always best to chose human hair so that it can be heat treated safely.

Do you sell clip in extensions?
Currently I do not sell clip in extensions, but I can provide referrals for you.

What extra charges might I expect?
All charges will be outlined in your proposal. In addition to your services charges, you might expect travel fees, parking/valet fees, additional artist fee, and any additional services you’ve requested such as a touch up kit, or additional on site services.

Are there any other fees?
Other fees might include any parking fees, travel fees, early arrival, late stay, or holiday fees.

Is tipping included in my proposal?
Tipping is not automatically included in your proposal, and is not required but always appreciated. If you would like to add a tip the day of your event, please pay your tip directly to Jen Pitt with cash or venmo @jenpittbeauty.

Is there a cancellation policy?
You may cancel your contract at any time with the following penalties: The retainer is never refundable. Six (6) months before event is 50% refundable of fees paid; three (3) months before event is 25% refundable of fees paid; thirty (30) days before event is not refundable.

How do I secure booking for my wedding day?
You may secure your wedding day by signing a contract and paying the required retainer. Without both of these, your wedding date is not secure.