How soon should I book my bridal makeup?

I’m part of a lot of online social groups for weddings, and one of the most common questions I see in them is, “how soon should I book my bridal makeup or makeup trial?” As I read through the comments, I often see others commenting the amount of weeks or months that they booked in advance. You can probably imagine the range of dates. The answer to the question would be depending on how many makeup artists you have in your area (or the location where you’re getting married). Some areas have a lot of makeup artists to choose from, but some areas don’t. The best answer I can give to this age old question is book as soon as possible – especially if you have a specific artist in mind.

The only way to secure your artist is through a contract. Most contracts will require a non-refundable retainer. The purpose of the retainer is to compensate the artist for committing to provide the services and turning down other potential projects/clients. Generally the retainer will be about 20% – 30% of the total project. If you’ve selected your artist but you didn’t sign a contract, I would demand one or find a new artist. Another common (and unfortunate) issue I’ve heard in these groups are desperate cries from brides who’s makeup artist cancelled or no-showed on the day of the wedding. It’s so heart breaking when a bride who is supposed to be spending her day worry-free runs into something that could have been preventable through a contract. Make sure to read all the fine print in your contract before agreeing. If anything doesn’t look or feel right, talk to the artist. It’s important that you always feel 100% comfortable with who you’ve selected.

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