How to prepare for my wedding day hair and makeup appointment

I get a lot of questions from brides about how to prepare for beauty services on their wedding day.  If you plan to get ready in your hotel room, you should first check out my blog, “How to select a hotel room for wedding day beauty services”. The best advice I like to give all my brides before their wedding day is to continue using your same skin care regimen that you’ve been using so that you will have ‘predictable’ results. It’s never advised to start a new skin care routine the week of your wedding.  You never want to risk unpredictable results days before your wedding. What if you have a skin sensitivity? What if the product causes you to break out? These are all things you should consider. 

If you are still a few months out, you can definitely work with a licensed esthetician to receive more luxury beauty procedures (including dermaplane, chemical peels, and much more). If you are in the local Phoenix area, I recommend Beauty Made Simply by Stacie Reid – she does amazing work and has taken amazing care of my skin since early 2018. Stacie will help you pick out a high quality daily regimen for your skin. You can take $20 off your first visit when you mention my name!

The best way to prepare for your wedding day hair and makeup appointment is to have everything ready the night before. Find a large room with outlets, space for chairs, and a table. Bonus if the room has a big window with natural lighting. You’ll want to be able to open up any curtains in the room the morning of your wedding to allow the natural light to come in.  Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated – prepare a batch of spa water. Your skin will look better and you will feel better too.  Remind your bridal party about their hair and makeup times, and make sure that your matron/maid of honor is with you to help take care of all your last minute needs, and not to mention, allow you the time to relax and take everything in on your wedding day.

If you’re photographer will be joining you for some photos while you’re getting ready, let your HMUA know so that she can coordinate your wedding party timeline in case you want specific behind the scenes type photos of you in the makeup chair.

Some things that I have found help the wedding party while relaxing are:

  • Filtered / Spa water
  • Champagne / mimosas
  • Background music / TV
  • Fruit platters
  • Meat & Cheese platters

What other tips would you add? Let me know!