How to Rock the Best Tan On Your Wedding

Do you want to get that summertime glow to look stunning against your beautiful wedding gown? Yeah, I get it! And I bet you have a ton of questions like:

  • Spray tan or tanning lotion?
  • Booths or Technicians?
  • Bed tan?

And when you figure out the answer to those, you might have just unlocked a lot more questions. I’m not sure if you knew, but I used to be a spray tan technician. I did a lot of spray tans and you can really get a beautiful glow safely as long as you find the right technician. I will admit though, for my wedding, I chose bed tanning. Yes, I know the risks however, I chose a really amazing facility where their philosophy was to educate their clients. They always made sure that I was safe using their tanning beds. This is not to deter you from getting a spray tan for your wedding. I used to tan brides, and they were always satisfied with their tan. In the end, it’s about personal preference. If you are completely unfamiliar with tanning in general, start with a spray tan (but do this as early as possible in case you end up going with bed tanning).

Spray Tanning

  • If possible, choose an experienced spray tan technician to give you a custom air brushed tan as opposed to a booth tan (remember that episode of Friends?)
  • Don’t skip doing a trial run at least a month before your wedding. A month is going to give you sufficient time to work with a technician just in case you need more than one trial. A spray tan will last you about 5-7 days (you may have been told longer, but it won’t look good after 7 days – just trust me on that).
  • Get the recommended pre and post tanning care instructions and follow them.
  • Don’t ask for the darkest tan, you will run the risk of looking orange and you can’t hide that on your wedding day.

Bed Tanning

  • Use a reputable salon with clean beds and expert employees. There are risks when using UV beds – make sure you understand them.
  • Follow the pre and post care tanning instructions
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to start tanning. Give yourself at least a month (two months is better) so that you can slowly develop your base tan and avoid burning.

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