Military Spouse

Makeup for the Military Ball

Ask any military wife what her favorite military event is, chances are one of the top responses you’ll get is the ball. The ball is so popular because it’s literally a mandatory date night that generally includes dinner, dancing, and dressing up… and maybe even some showing off 😉  It’s certainly a great time to get pampered – after all the ball only comes around once or maybe twice a year. Not to mention, if you’re a military spouse, you probably don’t get date nights very often. 

As a military wife myself, I have a soft spot in my heart for helping other spouses get pampered for the night.  Last December, I had the opportunity to work with 3 spouses of Phoenix Recruiting Battalion to get glammed!  None of us met prior to the night but it was definitely a girl’s night to remember. Smokey eyes, red lips, and perfect foundation were the 3 different looks requested. 

My hotel room allowed me the perfect makeup setup. I laid out all my makeup on the oversized desk and setup my director’s chair and ring light. The words “this is legit makeup” was the first impression received by the spouses. When I was told that this wasn’t something they typically do (none of them had their makeup done for a ball before), I wanted to make their night super special. By the time we were done, these glamourous gals were ready to say hello to their man in uniform!

It was certainly a night to remember, and I’m looking forward to more makeup at the next ball!

Jennifer was awesome, she did exactly what I wanted, but BETTER since I really didn’t even know the words to describe what it was I wanted. She really took the time to do an assessment of my skin type, my expectations and all that to make sure she matched up the right products. She was very gentle and talked me through what she was doing the whole time, (I can be weird about people being so close to my territorial bubble, especially with my eyes closed) Which was actually very soothing and relaxing. She highlighted features on my face that I didn’t even realize were worth highlighting. I felt beautiful and whatever she put on me stayed put all night. I highly recommend her and I’ll jump at the opportunity to get to work with her again.
Melissa Megoulloa