Makeup Tips

Makeup in gray scale

If you’re planning to do a photo shoot in black and white (gray scale) then you must be prepared for special makeup.

Back in the 1940’s when TV was mostly seen in black and white, with color screens on the cutting edge, iconic makeup artists such as Max Factor had the job of developing techniques that would look beautiful in both images. Factor used color makeup which still appeared beautiful in black and white, and had techniques that transformed gray scale images into dimensional beauty.  While cameras today are much more advanced than 80 years ago, the basic principles of black and white images remain the same. Too much white will wash you out, too much dark will muddy it all up, and any bit of light reflection will look absolutely questionable on print.

My top tips for makeup with B&W photography:

  1. Keep the skin matte – when the skin appears dewy, light will bounce off and reflect in questionable ways
  2. Stick to deep purples for contours – purples carry a lot of weight in black and white photography but still look beautiful in color
  3. Consider going two shades lighter, 3 shades darker – when it comes to the contour/highlight, you will want to have dramatic differences. Remember with black and white photography colors can get washed out

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