A Sc-“hairy” Moment

This is probably the last thing you want to hear from your hair and makeup artist, but it’s the painful truth that some things just happen. We don’t live in a perfect world, and stuff happens. Your best bet is to roll with the punches.

Last weekend I had a wedding day mishap. I mean it wasn’t totally awful, but it was a minor snafu right as I was getting started. Let me back up and give you an idea of how my wedding site events are prepared for. Generally, I pack all my equipment (makeup, hair tools, towels, cleaners, etc.) the night before an early on-site wedding. That way, in the morning I don’t have to rely on “morning brain” at all. Side note: I don’t typically drink caffeine before important makeup applications because – jitters are a real thing; #coffee. Since I was mostly working hair for this event, I wanted to make sure I grabbed my full bottle of the best hairspray in the world (Osis), to limit the amount of products I needed to carry. With three bottles to choose from, I shook them all and packed up the one that was full.

Fast forward to my first hair style. I grabbed for my bottle of Osis to give a little hold and it came out like a water stream. HUH? This was a brand new bottle from the professional store – WTH! I immediately turned away from the bridesmaid and started shaking the can up like it was nobody’s business and shot another spray in the air. Same thing! A stream of wet hairspray! OMG. I started sweating, and the feeling of extreme disappointment in the bottle of hairspray took over me. I looked over at my second artist, who can read my thoughts apparently, and he reminded me that he didn’t pack for hair today. How was I going to do the bride’s hair with no hairspray?

Ahead of schedule (by about 10 minutes), I slid out and drove to the nearest store that sold hairspray. I knew NOTHING was going to compare to the Osis hairspray and I just felt awful. But as the artist, I knew I had to do right by my bride. I started spraying the different hairsprays in the aisle of the drugstore (yes drugstore brands, I shutter!) to find something that wouldn’t cause the girls to pass out. I searched for light flexible hold and grabbed the most expensive one I could find (you know, because price determines quality – just kidding!) Checkout took way longer than necessary (because that’s the golden rule of when you’re in a rush). As soon as I got back, I started working again. I was only about 10 minutes behind schedule at this point and I always factor in these mishaps during planning.

The hairspray wasn’t as bad as I thought, but it wasn’t Osis. Honestly, I don’t think my bride noticed much and she told me that she received so many complements on her hair. Yay! (Insert happy dance) I take away a new lesson (and every wedding has lessons – to be honest). Always test your aerosols before leaving and bring a back up bottle of hairspray! Your favorite hairspray doesn’t have any good alternatives!