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The Biggest Hair Myth Everyone Tells you

I admit, before I learned how to style hair, I thought this was true. I especially believed this myth since I have thin hair that never wants to hold a curl. The biggest hair myth everyone tells you is that you shouldn’t wash your hair before you have it professionally styled… A.K.A. “dirty hair”. As a stylist who specializes in up-dos, braids, and curls, please hear me out – do not follow this advice! Show up to your appointment with clean hair. Your stylist hand picked high quality hair products to give your hair the texture and holding power it needs to support that gorgeous style you’re about to get.

If you have very textured or dry hair, and normally don’t wash it daily, the best thing you can do for your hair the day before your wedding is to get a professional blow out. On the other hand, if you are so oily that you cannot function without washing your hair every morning (don’t worry – I’ve been there), find out if your stylist can add a blow out to your wedding day hair.

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