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Wedding Makeup Tips and Products I Wouldn’t Follow/Use Daily

Wedding makeup is beautiful, so why wouldn’t I follow the same tips everyday? I have the skill, I know the products so what’s the deal? I’m going to just be real here. There’s a reason why you hire a professional artist for special occasions like your wedding day. Your artist carries products that are tried and true in the industry for designed for longevity without that caked up face. But some of these wedding day tips and products should just be used on these special occasions. Let’s talk about some of the products that I’ll be using on your wedding day that I wouldn’t recommend daily.

To begin, it’s not about what I am using, but it’s about what I’m not using. That product is SPF (sunscreen). Why no sunscreen? Sunscreen can cause flashback in your photos. I’m sure you’ve all see the awful “white face” in some famous red carpet photos. And, I’m going to guess you would be a very unhappy bride if you looked back on your photos and you just saw the white cast. Additionally, I only use finishing powders that do not create this white flashback.

Airbrush makeup is another product that I wouldn’t recommend daily. The ingredients used in airbrush foundation can be harsh on your skin. They are meant for longevity and performance and if they are used daily, your skin could end up being dry.

Waterproof mascara. I know there are a lot of ladies who use waterproof mascara daily, but honestly I find it a little harsh on the lashes. It’s difficult to remove and they can dry out the lashes making them brittle with extended use.

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