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What your future client thinks about your social media profile

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What your future client thinks about your profile picture

How often do you think about your social media profile picture? If you’re in business for yourself or even for someone else, chances are someone whom you’ve never met has tried looking you up on social media. Whether it’s Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you should consider which photos are making it’s first impression.

We’ve all heard about privacy settings, and many of us choose to show photos and status updates to only our connections. However, profile photos are generally public and will quickly leave a first impression to our viewer. Think about what photos are used to represent you on each social platform. Is that a correct representation of you to your: future client, existing client, or boss? If not, it is time to upgrade.

The perfect profile picture does not mean Instagram or Snap Chat filters, because they often look fake and unprofessional. Save those fun filters for your feed and turn on your privacy settings. You’re better off with a real representation of you when it comes to your profile picture. Professional head shots may not be in your budget, so try these tips for great photos with your smartphone camera.

  1. Wear your hair and makeup in a way that you would typically wear it when going to a business meeting.
  2. Find a large window with indirect sunlight. Take your photo facing the window for the best lighting. Car selfies have great lighting too, but the background might elude to “selfie”.
  3. Use the live focus or another filter on your phone. The selfie filters programmed on your phone are more believable than the filters found on social apps. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of a filter to show off your best self!
  4. Consider your outfit. If you’re only doing a head shot, you may want to add some jewelry. If you’re doing a full body pose, just consider what you’re wearing from the prospective of the person who may see it. Interpret that as you like 🙂

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